Open House etiquette- a buyer’s guide

Open houses are an increasingly common way for buyers to look at who is their competition and find out more about the property you are interested in.

So what is the etiquette for attending an Open House as a buyer?


Here are some tips from RealRenta :

·        Don’t park in the driveway

·        There is a sign posted on the front- so just walk in- no need to knock.

·        Wipe your feet on the doormat, especially if it has been raining.

·        If you already have an agent, let the hosting agent know that you already have an agent so they don’t try to solicit you

·        Try not to monopolise the agent’s time

·        Pick up any information leaflets and take a self guided tour

·        Try to create a rapport with the agents, as this will give you an edge over other buyers

·        Turn up slightly early accidentally on purpose

·        Walk around with your poker face and don’t divulge too many details about your personal circumstances

·        Ask permission before taking any videos and photos

·        Ask permission if you need to use the bathroom

·        Open houses are often crowded, so wait for a group to exit a room before you enter.

·        Don’t peek inside wardrobes, the pantry, fridges and drawers or medicine cabinets

·        Ask the agent before opening any closed doors

·        Wait until the seller has left before you ask any blunt and direct questions

·        Don’t make yourself at home on the bed, couch or beanbag

·        Be aware of your surroundings and try to refrain from saying anything derogatory about the property

·        Sign in and leave your name and contact information

·        If you don’t want a follow up call from the agent- let him/her know.


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Marlene Liontis
Friday, 11 October 2019

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