Top Tips for Advertising your Rental Property

Here at RealRenta, our landlords enjoy a variety of options for advertising their properties across various online platforms.

RealRenta Advertising Options:

Free Advertising on 
www.RealRenta.com.au which then gives you access to:
Free Standard Ad on 
Free Advertising on 
Rent.com.au and Homely.com.au
Free Standard Ads on 
Realestate.com.au (for Landlords who are full subscribers - paid users)
$39 Standard Ad on 
Realestate.com.au trial and free users
$149 for Featured Ads on 
Realestate.com.au (seen 1st before Standard Ads)
$298 for Highlighted Ads on 
Realestate.com.au (recommended if you need tenants ASAP)
Free Advertising on RealRenta Social Media sites (Facebook, Linked In & Twitter)

·A Comprehensive Yet Concise Property Description.

·Use the title effectively i.e. "Great Family Home close to schools etc.”

·Use the title to advertise any bonus i.e. "Big Yard, Pool, etc.”

·List the description in a logical order i.e. ”kitchen, family and entertainment areas, then bedrooms and bathrooms, followed by outdoors – yard, garage, etc.

·List any positives about location i.e. "close to schools, shops, public transport

·List important features like security, fences, alarms, etc.

·Always be clear about Pets

·Use bullet points rather than long sentences and paragraphs

·Professional Photos always help's

·When photographing the property Remove items that distract from the property, e.g. cars in the driveway and rubbish bins

·Try taking the shot on an angle rather than directly in front of the house, If the exterior of the building is not the most visually appealing

·Don’t take photos of items not included in the lease i.e. furniture

·When taking interior photos, turn on the lights, use the flash and open window coverings.

·Avoid having the camera flash reflected in the shower screen and the mirror and close toilet lids

·Try using a camera tripod at a lower height, or sit on a chair to take the photograph. The best room shots are often gained by having the camera at a lower height than eye level

·Consider using video to advertise, sites allow for this.

·Use a ‘FOR RENT” sign

·Make sure your property is clean and tidy for inspection

·Make sure nothing is broken

·Consider a new coat of paint inside and out. Peeling paint can considerably lessen the rent you are asking for

·Trim overhanging trees, weed garden beds and keep the lawn mown and get rid of cobwebs

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

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