Reasons property values increase in the long term – The Wealth of the Nation

If we believe Australia’s population is going to keep growing, and it will with a business plan to have close to 40 million people in Australia by the middle of the century, and that our nation is going to remain wealthy, this will then underpin long-term property values.

There is a positive relationship between household income ("real income” after inflation) and housing demand.

But moving forward, population growth will be not distributed evenly around Australia, and while our overall wealth will grow, it’s likely that the rich will keep getting richer, meeting the main drivers for house price growth will not be distributed evenly.

In other words, to maximise your investment returns it will be important to buy properties in our major capital cities where the majority population growth will occur, and then in those areas of the city where wages and wealth will grow faster than average.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 14 September 2023

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