Property Investment Stages - Learning what NOT to do

Stage 1

This is the earliest phase, where property investors learn about investing by trying different strategies and listening to every point of view in the market.

The most likely outcome is that you are often not much better off financially than when you started investing, even if you have been investing for years.

Why? Because this is the phase where we make the most mistakes.

We panic buy (in a booming market).

We panic sell (when we are worried about money or need a cash injection).

We try different things, take different risks and experience a range of outcomes.

This phase can take between 5-10 years for many property investors, although some, unfortunately, remain stuck at this stage permanently.

You can remain stuck for a long time – until you become aware enough to critically examine what you have done, and make changes going forward.

Another key to moving on from this step can be having someone external to you, objectively help you to review your past experiences and learn from them, so you can adapt your strategy and move forward.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 17 August 2021

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