Why you shouldn’t buy property at an auction in this market!

Auctions can be a risky way to purchase property and you will most probably, always end up overpaying the actual market value.

Competition at the auction is naturally going to drive the price up and in this cooling market, this can be a really bad move.

Buying property at an auction is an unconditional purchase, which means that you are buying the property as seen.

So if there are issues, they become your responsibility and there is no cooling off period.

Also, you need to get all your finances in order before you even attend the auction and in this climate, this is becoming a more difficult proposition.

If a property is passed in because the bidding does not reach the reserve, the first right to negotiate further goes to the person who placed the highest bid.

If this is you, the vendor’s agent should give you an opportunity to negotiate in private.

If the agent doesn’t disclose the reserve price, it is best not to deviate from the highest bid that you made at the auction itself.

If the agent does disclose the reserve, if you don’t match the reserve price with your offer, the agent is free to negotiate with other interested buyers.

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Marlene Liontis
Thursday, 1 November 2018

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