Living In a Strata Community: The Renovation Process

A strata lot, often known as an apartment, building, or office, is legally represented by a strata title, which serves as proof of ownership to the buyer of a specific unit on the strata lot. Owners frequently speed up renovations without considering the high costs and long-term consequences. Most strata issues relate to renovations as many owners don’t know about their obligations. If you want to renovate a strata-titled home, various regulations will restrict what you can and cannot do, based on your property boundaries, construction by-laws, and many more.

Today, we’ll talk about some common knowledge that you should have when thinking of strata renovation. Let’s dive in!

Regulations for Cosmetic Work

You need to know about three types of renovations that can be done in strata units and their regulations to understand what you are allowed and not allowed to do:

The first one is cosmetic work, during which you are not allowed to change the outside of a building or have an impact on waterproofing and structure. During this work, you don’t need any approvals for the following:

Put in carpeting.

Replace or install built-in wardrobes.

Replace or install nails, hooks, or screws.

Replace or install curtains and blinds.

Paint the interior walls.

Fix minor cracks and holes in internal walls.

Replace or install handrails.

Your strata scheme has the option to expand the list of cosmetic work with more types of work. This can be done via a by-law that the owners corporation passes.

Here are some other regulations you need to know when dealing with cosmetic work:

A specialist should professionally perform all work.

The owner is obligated to fix any damage they caused to the common areas during the work.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 2 August 2022

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