Tips for finding good tenants

It’s all good when there are buckets of tenants interested in your properties, however, what do you do when you have properties that need filling with not one prospect in sight? We have some tips on how to generate some interest and make sure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to attract good tenants.


Write great copy for advertisements

Make sure your writing style is easy to read, engaging as well as descriptive. Find words that will connect with potential renters depending on the location and property. If there are schools close by, a town center or public transport be sure to highlight these as benefits.

It is often a good idea when writing ad copy, to choose a target audience you want to attract.

Would the property you are trying to let suit young professionals and is this target market actively looking in the area? What features of the property or the location would appeal to young professionals?

Be sure to work these into your ad copy. By focusing your marketing around a specific audience you can often get a much better response and let the property quicker than trying to talk to everyone with your ad.


Make sure photos are high quality

First impressions last, so if someone looks at an ad for a rental with poor photos, chances are they won’t bother enquiring. Having poor quality photos also reflects badly on you as a property manager, as it could be interpreted as a lack of professionalism which could deter not only potential tenants, but owners looking for a property manager as well.

A single photo isn’t usually going to stir up the ideal level of interest either. People will still have unanswered questions that you need to try to answer with your photos.

Things like:

· We like to entertain guests often so what does the kitchen look like?

· I’m really looking to wake up to a nice view every day so the bedroom must have a large window and not be too small

· We have kids so the backyard needs to have enough space for them to play

· Include multiple photos in your listing that cover different parts of the property.


Don’t forget about word of mouth

Often forgotten about, word of mouth can play a huge role when finding a new tenant to fill a vacant property. Think about letting your current tenants know that you have a vacant property, as they may have friends or family that are looking to rent. Bring it up in conversation with your hairdresser, family members, and friends, you never know where it could lead.


Social media

Does your business have a Facebook page, or do you use Twitter? Posting your vacancies on various social platforms is another way to have what’s on offer on show. There are Facebook groups that you can join where you can post your listings, and if there is not one in your area, create it yourself and invite people to join!

Social media ads have also come a long way in the last couple years and with the targeting options available, you could even show your ad to people of certain ages in certain postcodes and choose whether they are single or in a relationship. These are all things that can help you show the right message to the right audience for the right property.

Facebook seems to have the best targeting options at present so it might be a good place to start.


Be fast when replying to enquiries

If you don’t reply in a timely manner to requests, other property managers will. Be sure to respond with as much information as possible, and encourage a viewing to ensure face to face time with the potential tenant.

The quicker you can respond to the enquiry, the more likely you are to get that all important viewing.

Jason Gwerder
Saturday, 29 December 2018

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