Questions that a Property Manager does NOT want you to ask!!!

1.Do you have a dedicated Rental Department?

Many agencies don’t place as much emphasis on Property Management as it is deemed not as "glamorous” as sales. Sometimes, they even leave this for the "Front Desk” or Receptionist to look after.

2.Is the Owner/Director of the Agency involved in the Property Management?

Often- NO or if they do it is only for customers with more than 2 properties, as if they lose that customer they lose more than 1 property

3.How many years of experience does the Property Manager have?

Using big name agencies does not necessarily ensure that you are going to get better treatment. Many people start their careers in Real Estate as Receptionists or Customer Service and work their way up. You won’t necessarily get a "Career” Property Manager.
If you look at the statistics property managers only last 9 months before they move on, so you would be luck to keep the same property manager looking after your property.

4.Does your system, perform daily checks for rental arrears and takes the appropriate action immediately?

If not, why not look at www.realrenta.com.au

5.Does your system check for prospective tenants’ creditworthiness, rental history and current employment?

If not, you can with www.realrenta.com.au

6.How many properties does the Property Manager look after?

A property manager who looks after too many properties will not have time to devote proper attention to your property. Some agencies have more than 250 properties per property manager.

No one is going to look after your biggest asset more then you will and with RealRenta you have all the tools and backup you will ever need

Jason Gwerder
Sunday, 5 June 2016

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