Questions to ask before selling your investment property - 2

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Is it a good time to sell?

The answer to this question is often what holds investors back from selling their properties, and currently, some would say it’s probably not "a good time to sell” as we are in a buyers market in a number of our major capital cities.

Having said that what is your alternative?

You could wait until the property market moves up, but what’s going to happen then?

Is somebody really likely to pay much more for your dud property then?

And while you’re waiting for all this to happen the investment-grade property you’re planning to buy instead is only going to increase in value, as will the gap between the value of your current property and the new one.

So while timing the market might seem like a logical thing to try and do, firstly it’s too hard to achieve, and secondly, it doesn’t always make sense

However selling an investment property is an important decision and subject to some significant transaction costs, so it’s worth running the numbers carefully with your property strategist before you make this decision.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 4 November 2021

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