Reasons why you should consider allowing pets in your investment property!

Many landlords and property managers have a " no pets” policy because they probably think that it is easier to manage or that there will be less damage. Recent research suggests that the benefits of allowing pets may significantly outweigh any negatives.

Here are 10 Reasons from RealRenta to consider:

·         Pet owners are generally willing to pay more rent.

·         Pet friendly properties rent faster

·         Responsible pet owners generally make reliable tenants

·         Tenants with pets generally prefer longer leases

·         You will reduce your spend on advertising if tenants are staying longer

·         You will no longer have issues with tenants hiding their pets

·         Caring and responsible pet owners tend to be very conscientious and house proud

·         Animal welfare agencies suggest that as many as 30% of pets are surrendered by owners who are not allowed to keep their pets

·         Use a "Pets considered” clause in your advertising so that you are not locked in and that you can carefully screen the irresponsible pet owners, from the responsible ones.

·         Use ‘Pet Agreement Forms” and give them to your prospective tenants with the Lease. The form is a "resume” that details how a pet will be kept and managed if approved.


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Marlene Liontis
Saturday, 31 August 2019

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