What price would you be willing to pay, to become a successful property investor

Let’s face it, over the last decade of record low-interest rates and low levels of inflation, holding property has been relatively simple.

While there have been the ups and downs of normal cycles, with a pandemic thrown, it has been more about holding your nerve than anything else.

But the tide is now turning rather quickly.

With rapid-fire interest rate rises and inflation shooting to record highs, the cost to hold a property is also increasing.

You should prepare to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Many investors will panic and some will not stay the course, choosing to exit as things become too uncomfortable for them.

Others will avoid investing altogether or target properties that are perceived to be neutral or positively geared to minimise any damage.

That will be a mistake.

There is either a price to pay today to become a successful investor or you’ll have to pay a higher cost in later life…lack of financial freedom.

Over the next few blogs will be some thoughts on how to get through this stage of the cycle.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 18 July 2023

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