The Fears landlords have about Property Managers

The top concerns investors have when they’re engaging a Property Manager. From security checks to inexperience, here are the worries landlords have and how you can alleviate them.

Agencies without property management divisions

Investors should expect their property managers to work in a designated property management department. The principal at the agency should also be involved in the department so that investors can be sure the property manager is getting the support they need to deal with any issues. Property managers who do not work in an environment like this are going to have a harder time convincing landlords they are property equipped to handle problems that arise.

Unexperienced Property Managers

Property managers who have no experience dealing with difficult clients are a big no for investors. Property managers who are not willing to be flexible when dealing with tenants are another concern as this is something investors equate with inexperience and try to avoid. Investors are looking for property managers who will make it as easy as possible for a tenant, therefore avoiding any unnecessary conflict and helping ensure a tenant will stay in the property longer.

Property managers who don’t run requisite checks

One thing investors are concerned about are the checks run by property managers and whether they are as thorough as they should be. Transparency from property managers is a good way to alleviate this fear. If property managers are clear with the landlord about what checks you do and do not conduct, and why, landlords are not going to worry about whether their tenant has been properly vetted before they sign a lease.

Property managers who don’t regularly inspect a property

Another main concern for landlords is the number of inspections that occur on a property, especially those who do not live in the same area where they own their investment. Transparency can fix this concern too. When you engage a property managers services, ask about the number of inspections they will undertake on their property and ensuring you are aware that they are keeping on schedule.


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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 18 September 2020

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