Changes to Victorian Residential Tenancies Act (Minimum Standards)

Section 65A of the amended act, means that Victorian landlords, will have to ensure the compliance of rental properties with minimum standards in respect of security, amenities and privacy.

These minimum requirements include: 

A vermin-proof rubbish bin; 

A functioning toilet; 

Adequate hot and cold water connections; 

External windows with functioning latches; 

A functioning cook-top, oven, sink and food preparation area; 

A functioning deadlock on external doors; 

Functioning heating in the living room; 

Window coverings to ensure privacy in bedrooms and main living area.

If a property does not comply with these minimum standards, a tenant will be able to issue a request for urgent repairs to be carried out (Section 65A(2)).

Failure to comply with minimum standards may result in the rental provider being fined, ordered to complete urgent repairs or in the rental agreement being terminated.

These reforms follow a Supreme Court decision that found that tenants have the right to expect that rental properties be maintained in ‘good repair’ even if it was in poor condition when it was originally leased.


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Source: https://www.gotocourt.com.au/civil-law/vic/renting-with-a-pet/

Marlene Liontis
Tuesday, 25 June 2019

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