What can Fair Trading help NSW Landlords with ?

Fair Trading NSW can help NSW Landlords with the following tenancy disputes:


  • residential tenancies where the dispute is between a tenant, agent and/or landlord e.g. tenants illegally locked out of their tenancy, or a landlord seeking advice on getting access to have a repair done
  • the landlord or agent refusing access to Rental Bonds Online
  • individuals involved in the sale or purchase of property/stock in NSW
  • retirement village residents or owner/operators
  • residential land lease residents or owner/operators
  • owner/occupants of strata schemes
  • conveyancers.


The complaint service offered by Fair Trading is a voluntary process between parties that are involved in a tenancy, real estate or property dispute, and who have been unsuccessful in resolving the issue themselves. An experienced Fair Trading officer will provide the parties with relevant information in order to assist them to come to a mutual agreement. In some circumstances, formal mediation may also be offered.

The complaint process does not include:

  • enforcing orders that require action or payment from either party
  • a decision on evidence resulting in a legal determination or an Order
  • a Fair Trading officer inspecting property to determine fault or attribute blame, which falls outside their role.


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Marlene Liontis
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

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