How Conveyancing Can Help Make Your Life Easier

How Conveyancing Can Help Make Your Life Easier

Conveyancing is an important legal step to owning your dream home. When preparing to purchase or sell your first property, or any property, it is important to familiarise yourself and consider various aspects of what’s involved in the process.

The main purpose of conveyancing is to transfer ownership of the property from one person to another, with other legal aspects involved to secure your homeownership.

What home buyers need to know about conveyancing?

While conveyancing is a legal process, it can be done by yourself or by a licensed professional. The whole process of conveyancing by somebody licensed can take between 4 to 6 weeks depending on many circumstances, but if you do it yourself, it may take longer.

Is it better to DIY?

DIY has become a popular term for making your life easier through simple life hacks that you can do yourself. But would doing the process yourself make your life really that much easier?

If you choose to prepare the paperwork yourself, you won’t have access to the industry insights of a licensed professional and appropriate protection of your rights. Plus, you would need to spend a large portion of your valuable time to take everything into consideration and make sure your conveyancing kit is under control. So when it comes to DIYs, conveyancing is one thing that you'll definitely want to seek professional advice for.

What is PEXA?

The Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) is the only electronic lodgement network in Australia. Access to PEXA allows property conveyancers to:

  • Save their clients hundreds of dollars by eliminating time-consuming paperwork, bank cheques and settlement agent fees.
  • Provide on-time settlement and give seller’s access to their settlement funds on the afternoon of settlement.
  • Instant registration of buyer’s ownership typically takes days and sometimes weeks, but now occurs in 5 minutes after settlement.

At the end of the day, conveyancing is one of the most crucial steps to owning your property, that’s why having an expert to take over is good for your peace of mind. Get in touch with SunState Conveyancing's team of industry professionals today to get an insight into how you can secure your first home.


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