Using Trade Finance to Grow

Do you own a small business that’s selling overseas or importing products and equipment into Australia?

Trade finance can help you make the most of opportunities without tying up your valuable working capital.

If you see growth opportunities for your enterprise abroad as well as at home, you’re not alone.

From primary producers to software start-ups, Australian businesses continue to hold their own on the world stage.

Latest research shows our nation’s business owners are alive to the possibilities of foreign trade.

Almost 90 per cent of the 941 internationally-active respondents to Australia’s International Business Survey 2017 expected the financial outlook for their business’s overseas operations over the next two years to improve or remain the same.

Three quarters of respondents planned to expand into additional overseas markets during this period. A survey of small to medium exporters by export credit agency Efic revealed similarly upbeat sentiments, with rising confidence that trade growth will contribute to business expansion.

The trade finance advantage Trading internationally can pose a cash flow challenge for Australian business owners.

Lack of access to funding is frequently an impediment to their embarking on international projects or export ventures.

Sellers of goods typically want to be paid as early as possible while buyers seek to settle as late as they’re reasonably able.

Trade finance can be a useful facility to help both buyers and sellers manage payment lags within a trade cycle. A trade loan is a flexible short-term borrowing facility linked to a specific import or export transaction.

Solutions can be tailored to suit your business’s size and trading cycle, from seven to 180 days.

You can use a trade loan to maximise your cash flow while you grow your overseas supplier and customer bases.

It can be an attractive and cost-effective alternative to an overdraft facility, unsecured loan or borrowing against your home.

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Marlene Liontis
Thursday, 25 October 2018

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