There are new rent rules for Victorian tenants and landlords - 5

Ending a Rental Agreement

Notice to vacate (all changes)

Rental providers cannot issue a 120-day ‘no specified reason’ notice to vacate.

To end a rental agreement, they must provide a valid reason such as sale, change of use or demolition of the rental property, or the rental provider moving back into the rental property.

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Reasonable and proportionate test for VCAT

VCAT must not issue an eviction possession order without first considering whether it is reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances of the application to do so.

This reform also applies to all rental types, including rooming houses, caravan parks, and residential parks.

Claiming bond

Renters can apply to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) to get their bond back, if they cannot get their rental provider’s agreement, to have all or part of their bond released

For more information, view the New options for renters claiming their bond guide.

Notice to vacate for endangering safety

Rental providers can issue a notice to vacate if the renter or their visitor endangers the safety of neighbours, the rental provider or their agent, or a contractor or employee of either the rental provider or their agent.

For more information, view theGuidelines for notice to vacate for endangering safety guide

More information

For more information about the new renting changes, you can view:

The Bottom Line

While the official position is that these new rules create a fairer safer system for all and provide increased protection for renters, in reality, they place an extra burden on rental providers (landlords) and their property managers.

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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 26 April 2021

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