Avoid liability by Child-Proofing your Investment Property

There are a number of ways that children can injure themselves and even die in their own home.

Providing a rental property that is relatively free from hazards to children, can increase your pool of prospective tenants, as it attracts families with young children.

It can also help reduce your liability in the case that tenants or guests injure themselves at the property.

Landlords can help overcome these risks and childproof their investment property.

Here are some suggestions from RealRenta:

·     If your investment property has a balcony, ensure that the balustrade runs vertically so that cannot be climbed and positioned so that children can’t slip through.

·     All windows should be fitted with heavy duty fly-screens that can resist the weight of a child.

·     Landlords should also be open to tenants installing their own childproof gates at the tops of stairs

·     All swimming pools should be fenced off and fitted with child proof locking mechanisms

·     Landlords should seriously consider gated fences to separate gardens and play areas from driveways and garages.

·     Make sure that all curtain, pulleys and blind cords comply with ACCC mandatory requirements, to avoid strangulation

·     Consider mounting televisions to walls and fixing bookshelves and drawers to walls


RealRenta tenants can submit all maintenance requests, documents and photos via the RealRenta platform, for accuracy and ease of communication with their landlord.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 25 September 2019

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