Tips for buying a prestige property in a falling market.

A falling market can be the best time to snap up some prestige property, at a great price.

Typically, prestige sellers are represented by prestige property experts and most properties are sold off-market.

Owning a prestige property can give investors a lot of power through equity and the ability to leverage the properties’ value, to buy into other top tier markets.

It is vital to find a good buyers’ agent experienced in the prestige market, with a solid track record of securing great deals for their clients.

Our friends in the prestige market recommend that investors looking to invest in these properties should look for the following qualities:

• Location- a lot of prestige properties are now outside of traditional prestige postcodes

• Eco friendly properties made out of sustainable building materials

• Properties that can serve generations of the same family- self contained guest quarters and so on

• Privacy and security features

• One off or limited edition properties or properties built by international prestige architects

• Houses that are already furnished so that house hunters only need to bring their tooth-brush

The higher end of the market is currently seeing the biggest drops in price.

If you are looking for investment-grade properties or looking to get into the prestige market, contact Marlene Liontis on +61 417 693 547 or email propertysales@realrenta.com

Marlene Liontis
Wednesday, 3 October 2018

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