The best types of carpets for your investment property

The best types of carpets for your investment property

We asked some of our landlords what types of flooring options they consider for their rental properties.

High on the list, were carpets that were affordable, durable and attractive.


Here is what they told us:

1.       Look for nylon in areas of high foot traffic as it is highly "wear resistant”

2.       Nylon is prone to fading so don’t put in rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight

3.       Polypropylene carpets are very hard wearing, so they are excellent if you rent out your properties to young families, as they have built in stain resistance.

4.       Don’t install polypropylene if you or your tenants have heavy and bulky furniture as it is prone to crushing and matting

5.       Always choose the darker colours over the lighter ones if possible- harder to see stains so you can stretch out the use for much longer than a lighter coloured carpet.


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 16 May 2019

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