Natural disaster claims- A guide for Landlords

Many landlords will need to make claims on their landlord insurance, due to this summer’s devastating bushfire season.

Here is a quick guide on what to do, to submit a successful insurance claim after a natural disaster:

·       Arrange emergency repairs

·       Board up windows, doors and cover damaged roofs with tarps

·       Essential repairs may include fixing services such as gas, electricity, water, sewerage & wastewater treatment

·       If tenants arrange any repairs, make sure to get the tax invoices and receipts to include in the claim (be sure to reimburse your tenants)

·       Note that most insurance providers will not cover the cost of repairs made by the tenants themselves

·       Contact your insurer straight away and follow their advice before authorising any repairs or clean-up ( some insurers need to authorise any emergency repairs before they are undertaken)

·       Collect evidence of the loss and damage in case it is swept away in the clean up

·       Take videos or photos of the damage

·       Remove any items that are a health and safety hazard (wet carpets etc)

·       Store damage/destroyed items somewhere safe to show the insurance assessor

·       Make an inventory of the damaged items and include details of the brand, model, & serial number

·       Organise written quotes for the repairs and ask the repairer to include a description of the cause of the damage and the extent

·       Check with your insurance provider as to how many quotes they require

·       Keep all your receipts for services and materials that support a damage claim or any materials purchased


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Marlene Liontis
Sunday, 16 February 2020

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