How to evict your tenant for not paying rent – Tip 8

Claim on Insurance

The good news is if you have followed everything above you should not have any problems claiming insurance on everything (well most things).

Your insurance company will want to see evidence of all supporting documentation. By having everything ready to go your claim will be quick and very efficient.

Here is the supporting documentation you will probably need:

Signed lease agreement

Condition Report / Final outgoing report

Bond lodgement receipt from the RTBA

Rental Ledger showing all payments

Evidence of late notifications and documented phone conversations

Termination Notice/s

Applications to Tribunal

VCAT orders (Order of Possession, Warrant of Possession and Compensation Orders)

I hope you never reach this stage where you have to claim insurance. That’s why I focus much of my time finding great tenants and doing everything I can to prevent them from falling behind.

I have been living and breathing RealRenta for a few years now which automates a lot of these processes from advertising your property, screening tenants, rent collection, sending late notifications and keeping proper records of rent so you never have to go to tribunal in the first place.


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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 16 September 2020

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