Attention ACT Landlords- Proposed changes to the ACT Residential Tenancies Act

Changes proposed to the ACT Residential Tenancies Act removes the landlords' right to say "no" to animals living in their rental property.

The obligation is on the landlord to apply to ACAT and justify why animals should not be permitted, at their expense.

Specifically: 71AE Process for tenant seeking consent – animals.

(1) This section applies if, under a residential tenancy agreement, the tenant is required to obtain the lessor's consent to keep an animal on the premises.

(2) The tenant may apply, in writing, to the lessor for the lessor's consent.

(3) The lessor may refuse consent only if the lessor obtains the ACAT's prior approval.

(4) The lessor may impose a condition on consent.

(5) The lessor is taken to consent to the tenant's application under subsection (2) unless, within 14 days of receiving the application, the lessor applies to ACAT under section 71AF.

Section 71AE means you cannot prevent pets on your property and 71AB basically gives the tenant rights to make modifications to your property unless the lessor refuses, obtaining ACAT's prior approval, otherwise must not unreasonably refuse consent.

Marlene Liontis
Wednesday, 3 April 2019

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