Preventing illegal sub-letting

For landlords, illegal sub-letting is always a concern.

Sometimes no matter how well you scrutinised your tenants, there is always a possibility that they will rent out one room or even your entire property to a stranger.

The proliferation of short-term holiday rental platforms has exacerbated the problem.

It is no longer a problem just in tourist hot spots, because now it can happen anywhere.

While unscrupulous tenants try to make some extra cash, they increase the risk of extra wear and tear, out of control parties, squatters and uninsured property damage, because the guest is not on the lease, whilst the property is being used commercially.

It is not easy to stay on top of illegal sub-letting, however, here are some quick tips from RealRenta to stay ahead of the game:


·       On your next inspection, look for any signs of the unusual ie, tourist pamphlets, tea and coffee equipment in the bedrooms or any other signs that you would equate with a B & B

·       Be extra inquisitive with couples or singles who want to rent a large house

·       Make sure you include "no sub-letting” clauses in the lease agreement

·       Ask your neighbours if they see strangers coming and going often

·       Use a monitoring service that searches the web for illegal and short-term rentals


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Marlene Liontis
Monday, 30 September 2019

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