RealRenta Tenant Portal - Free for Tenants

Tenants have access to their own system, where they can search for properties, apply for a property, pay rent, view their rental ledger and documents and even put in maintenance requests.

Tenants’ Rights

Tenants don’t always know their rights and what they can or can’t do.

RealRenta gives them access to information, documents and even breach notices, when maintenance is not done by the landlord.

Tenancy Application

Tenants can login at any time and start, edit, add or change their application. and can apply for a property or multiple properties, without having to redo the application each time.

Easy Payment Process

RealRenta provides the convenience of multiple rental payment options.

Rent can be paid at the push of a button by Authorised Direct Debit, or set up as an auto payment without going to the bank.

Rent can also be paid by Bpay.

Manage Inspections

RealRenta will inform tenants when an inspection is due or requested by the owner.

Our system will allow the tenant to choose a convenient date and time for the inspection.

Search And Apply For Properties

Via RealRenta web site or using a phone with internet access.

Not only can a prospective tenant see photos of the property, saving time, but they can also apply for multiple properties with one click, making the process of applying for rentals much simpler.

Easily Accessed

RealRenta is online and open 24/7. Tenants can access and print their tenancy agreement, rental ledger, rent Invoices, rental receipts and inspection reports.


RealRenta provides access to comprehensive information in relation to the legal rights and obligations of a Tenant.

RealRenta guides renters through the process of terminating their rental agreement and provide tenants with legal support and access to all residential tenancy documents.

Book Maintenance And Repairs

Tenants are able to attach pictures and video to their maintenance request – pictures tell a thousand words.


Displays if a tenant has paid rent or not, requested maintenance, rental Ledger.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 28 April 2020

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