There are new rent rules for Victorian tenants and landlords - 4

During a rental agreement


Renters can make certain modifications without the rental provider’s consent.

There are other modifications that a rental provider cannot unreasonably refuse consent to renters making.

For more information, view the Making modifications in the rental properties guide.

Urgent repairs

More things are now considered an urgent repair, such as a broken cooling appliance, a functioning smoke alarm, pest infestation, mould and meeting the rental minimum standards.

Rental providers must pay back renters for the cost of urgent repairs (or replacement if the fault cannot be repaired) within seven days of the renter giving written notice of the reasonable cost of the repairs.

This applies to urgent repairs to all rental properties including rooming houses, caravans, caravan park sites, and residential park sites.

For more information, view the Rental provider must pay renter back for the cost of urgent repairs within seven days guide.

Inspections and rights of entry

Rental providers must give renters seven days’ notice of a general inspection and pay at least $30 for each sales inspection that takes place.

A renter can object to the production of advertising images or videos that show their possessions in certain circumstances.

Rental providers must also comply with more detailed rules around rights of entry, including a longer notice period for some grounds, restrictions for renters protected under personal safety and family violence legislation, and length and frequency of entry.

For more information, view the Rights of entry to a rental property to take advertising photos and conduct a sales inspection guide.

Electrical and gas safety

Renters and rental providers must undertake safety-related activities set out in the rental agreement.

Where necessary, they must ensure the activity is carried out by a suitably qualified person.

Rental providers must comply with requirements for keeping and producing records of gas and electrical safety checks conducted at the property.

For more information, view the Electrical and gas safety guide.

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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 23 April 2021

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