But if you can’t afford to buy your own home in your desired area, what do you do?

First, get to the bottom of the reason why haven’t bought you.

1. Is it because you’re too picky?

If you haven’t yet bought a home because you’re feeling priced out of the market, it might be time to loosen the ‘dream home’ criteria.

Very few first homebuyers debut in inner-city Sydney.

Once you’re on the property ladder, you can start working towards your ultimate home – but for now, just get on the first rung.

2. Is it because you have grand expectations?

A smaller home, or one further from the city, or a townhouse instead of a family home could put you in a more affordable price bracket.

Lifestyle ‘wants’ might have to take a backseat for a while.

3. Is it because you can’t afford it?

Yes, there is a major money hurdle involved when saving a deposit, getting loan approval, and paying for a mortgage. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 16 September 2021

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