Every rental property in Queensland must meet new smoke alarm rules by 31st December 2021

More than 450,000 rental properties in Queensland are affected by new smoke alarm laws, which could see landlords paying up to $2000 for new smoke alarms – or risk being unable to tenant their dwellings.

Under the legislation, which was introduced 1 January 2017, all Queensland dwellings will be required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling, and on every level.

To comply with legislation, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms are required:

• From 1 January 2017: in all new dwellings and substantially renovated dwellings (this applies to building applications submitted from 1 January 2017).

• From 1 January 2022: in all domestic dwellings leased and sold.

• From 1 January 2027: in all other domestic dwellings.

The fine for non-compliance is $500. But more importantly, if the property has not been upgraded to meet the new legislation by 1 January 2022, the rental property cannot be leased and a lease renewal can’t happen, nor can the property be sold.

So if the upgrade hasn’t happened prior to a new lease or lease renewal, the landlord simply is not allowed to collect rent without breaking the law


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Marlene Liontis
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

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