QLD New Rental Laws – A Must Read - Part 5

Other changes

New laws in effect from 6 June 2024

Ending tenancies– greater clarity on ending tenancies in the following situations: a short tenancy for moveable dwellings, when a community title scheme (that is, a body corporate for units or townhouses) is terminated and changes to terminology with regards to ending a tenancy due to student entitlement

Goods left behind– for managing parties to contact former tenants where goods are left behind and revised process of advertising stored goods

Domestic and family violence– amendments to terminology and expansion of confidentiality requirements

Other– in general, some terminology and minor amendments have changed and while some penalty provisions have been added, others have been increased.

Upcoming changes (dates to be advised)

Rental application process– a new standardised rental application form will be created and must be used when a tenant is applying for a rental property. Managing parties will need to provide prospective tenants with an option to lodge this form in ways other than using third-party platforms. There are also new guidelines on what information managing parties may request from prospective tenants during the rental application process

Protecting privacy– new limits apply to the personal information that can be requested and collected by managing parties

Request for fixtures and structural changes– revised process for a tenant to request fixtures and structural changes (in writing) to the managing party who must respond within 28 days.

once regulations have been developed.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 27 June 2024

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