Tricks for better property pics!

Good photos are critical when marketing your property for rent.

If you get it wrong- you may find that it takes longer to find the right tenants.

Here are some pro tips from our friends in the industry, on how to get some great shots that will put your property in the best possible light:

1. De-clutter the whole property to make it look more open and spacious

2. Clear out the bathroom-remove all visible toiletries and clean it until it is sparkling

3. Tidy the kitchen, remove all bills and sticker/magnets from the fridge and de-clutter bench tops

4. Make sure all lights are working and use warm globes to make the property look warm and inviting

5. Clean the exterior and make sure that the garden is in the best condition (remove leaves, mow grass etc)

6. Consider staging the property for the demographic you are trying to appeal to.


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Jason Gwerder
Sunday, 30 June 2019

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