Lodging a Claim against a Tenant’s Bond in NSW

There are specific circumstances for landlords, where you can lodge a claim against a tenant’s bond.

These circumstances include if the tenant:

·      - still owes rent and/or has unpaid water usage bills;

·      - broke the lease early and has not paid the break fee;

·      - did not return all the copies of the keys given; and

·      - caused damage or did not leave the premises in a reasonably clean condition.

Tenants are not, however, responsible for fair wear and tear to the premises.


This could be caused by exposure, time or just ordinary use.


Tenants are only liable for negligent, irresponsible/ intentional actions that cause damage to the property.



These circumstances can include:

·      - tenants leaving holes in walls( installing picture hooks/shelves)

·      - unapproved paint jobs/wallpaper etc

·      - burns or cuts in the bench top.


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 25 April 2019

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