The Rules for Property have changed

Are you looking to invest in property and take advantage of the new property cycle?

Well…property has been quite a forgiving asset over the past few decades but moving forward there are many things that have changed.

You cannot simply adopt a buy and hope strategy any longer.

It all comes down to the way people are now choosing to live.

Here are my thoughts;

When I was younger… (I find myself saying this a lot more lately), it was all about buying a nice house with a white picket fence on a good-sized block of land.

To some extent, this is still the case for many buyers, particularly young families.

But there is starting to be a notable shift in the way people are choosing to live and you need to understand this if you want to take advantage of the next property cycle.

It comes down to competing forces at opposite ends of the demographic spectrum.

Younger Home Buyers

The priority for the next generations involves instant gratification.

They want to be where the action is and want everything on their doorstep here and now and.

Rather than moving 20km – 30km away from the CBD, they are moving closer in.

They are trading big backyards and houses for balconies, smaller courtyards, and lower maintenance living.

Walkability is a key factor in these locations, think;

  • Public Transport
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Green Space
  • Boutique shops
  • Cinemas
  • Greenspace

It all must be within quick easy access by foot.

I see as I am sure you do, the continual outcry that house prices are not affordable anymore etc.

They are in reality, just not in the areas they desire to live in.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

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