Sustainable properties rent faster

According to a new report by Queensland University of Technology, sustainable buildings outperform non-sustainable buildings in every aspect.


The study says that properties with recorded sustainable features took up to 13 days less to sell and had a median price that was 10% higher than non-sustainable properties.

Here are the top seven benefits of incorporating sustainability features into a residential property, as identified by PRDNationwide:

·     More savings on utility bills and less maintenance

·     Reduced construction materials and emissions

·     Less days need to sell the property

·     Improved comfort and long-term lifestyle

·     Greater median price

·     Higher re-sale value

·     Informed decision making

Here are some of the best sustainability features that investors can incorporate into their properties:

·     Installing roof, ceiling & floor insulation

·     Ensuring that all building materials are non toxic

·     Installing solar panels

·     Utilizing energy efficient appliances

·     Adding hard-wired photo electronic smoke alarms to bedrooms, kitchens etc

·     Ensuring the property is located away from threats of landslides, soil slip and flooding

·     Utilising an open floor plan

Avoid over-capitalisation and compare any up-front costs with ongoing savings.

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Source: Your Green Guide: Residential Real Estate 2018


Marlene Liontis
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

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