They invest, not speculate

Even though they think they are investing, many property investors are actually speculating.

The problem is they don’t recognise this.

You see…all investment comes with an element of risk, but in my mind, it’s important to minimise your risks as an investor.

Yet the average investor buys their property emotionally, often near where they live, where they holiday, or where they want to retire.

Then they hope that the market will appreciate it.

Others look for the next hot spot, trying to time the market.

Both these types of investors are dependent on outside market conditions to produce a profit.

Smart investors do it differently.

They make educated investment decisions based on research, evidence, and fundamentals.

They buy a property below its intrinsic value, in an area that has above average long-term capital growth because of the more affluent demographic living there, and then add value through renovations thereby "manufacturing” extra capital growth.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 16 February 2022

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