Attention ACT Landlords: New Tenancy Laws being implemented on the 1st November

New legislation impacting tenancy agreements will take effect on the 1st November, allowing greater flexibility for tenants.

The following changes are being implemented:

Rent in advance

Tenants only have to pay 2 weeks rent in advance

Break lease fees

Break lease fees will be limited to 6 weeks total rent to be paid by the tenant if a lease is terminated within 6 months of the original lease agreement.

The fee is reduced to 4 weeks if the tenant discontinues the lease after 6 months.


Landlords will have to apply to ACAT to refuse tenants from having a pet in the property


Tenants will also be able to make minor modifications if the modifications can be restored to original condition at the end of the lease.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 9 October 2019

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