How to spot pests and rodents in a property

Your idea of a high yield investment property probably doesn’t include rats and cockroaches, rifling through kitchen cabinets and playing hide and seek in the bathrooms.


Here are some tips from our contacts in the pest control industry, on what you should be looking out for, when touring a property you are considering:


·     Rats and mice tend to leave droppings everywhere- this is one of the most obvious signs of their existence.

·     Scratching noises coming from under the floor or behind the walls

·     Check for dirt, grease or small holes in baseboards

·     Rodents are very attracted to humidity, so pay special attention to the indoor climate

·     Be on the lookout for any dead bugs or bug parts, holes in packages or openings in the home that bugs/rodents may creep through from the outside.

·     Visible clusters of termites and mud tunnels in the foundation

·     If there is wood in the home, note if floors are sagging, or if wood has any visible holes or sounds hollow when you knock on it

·     Any rust coloured stains on furniture and beddings are a sign of bed bugs as well as cream coloured eggs in the nooks and crannies of furniture and beds.


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Jason Gwerder
Saturday, 26 October 2019

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