The final Inspection- Landlord Rights

It is important that landlords understand their rights and responsibilities, when it comes to the final property inspection in a tenancy.

Landlords are entitled to have their property returned to them in a clean and undamaged condition, at the end of a tenancy.

Your tenant is not responsible, for any fair wear and tear on the property.

At the end of each tenancy, landlords must conduct a final inspection of the property and prepare a final condition report, describing the overall condition of the property and also, providing a copy for the tenant.

Landlords must give tenants reasonable opportunity to attend the final inspection, as it is in the best interest of both parties and gives the tenant an opportunity, to return the keys.

Use the Property Condition Report that you prepared at the start of the tenancy, to compare the condition of each item, with the original details.

You should take the opportunity to discuss any issues such as breakages, damages, missing items and any outstanding liabilities.

Tenants are liable to compensate landlords for any willful or neglectful damage, however if the damage can be reasonably repaired, only the repair costs can be charged.

Assessment of repair costs, will depend on the age of your property, size, location and damage.

It is better to negotiate for costs to be deducted from the bond, as compensation.

If your tenant fails to return the keys, they can be held responsible for the cost of changing the locks, or can be charged rent, until the keys are returned.

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Marlene Liontis
Friday, 14 September 2018

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