3 Essential rules for communicating with tenants

RealRenta landlords have the advantage of date and time-stamped communication with tenants.

RealRenta landlords and tenants can upload photos, documents, videos and forms onto the platform, to form part of the tenancy file.

What about all other communications like maintenance requests and inspection notices?

How should these communications be written and framed?

Here are 3 essential rules for communication with tenants and indeed, anybody that you have a business relationship with.

Rule No 1. Treat tenants with respect and courtesy

With any business relationship, respect and kindness is paramount.

Without these, you will lose your tenant.

Tenant turnover kills your cash-flow, so ensure that your communication with tenants encourages retention.


Rule No 2

Be transparent, honest and clear

Be clear and honest with all communication.

Make sure your tenants know the all the rules, regulations etc.

Make sure all the forms you use are legal and ask us to help you if you need access to any forms that relate to the tenancy.


Rule No 3

Ask your tenants to create their Free RealRenta account and advise them that all communications are to be done via the platform

Advise your tenants that all requests are to be sent via the platform, including requests for maintenance and inspection issues etc.

Encourage them to log in to their tenant ledger and to advise you in advance about lease renewal issues, terminations and so on.

Mutual respect is essential for a healthy landlord-tenant relationship.

RealRenta landlords take the lead on showing respect and professionalism, by utilising the tools of the platform, to establish the communication parameters that will benefit both parties.

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Marlene Liontis
Friday, 28 June 2019

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