Investing in Regional Property

Investing in regional property requires quite a bit of research because these areas often rely on a singular industry to drive population and job growth.

Vacancy rates may be affected by changes to the local industry so there is an element of risk that is not normally associated with investing in capital cities.

Capital and population growth in these areas is generally slower and large scale infrastructure projects, not as numerous as in the cities.

There is however the opportunity to purchase larger properties, which may mean higher rental yield and the ability to pay off your mortgage more quickly.

Look at towns with local council plans to upgrade existing infrastructure and where the population is expected to rise, as a result of guaranteed employment.

Also, research the local auction clearance rates, vendor discounts, vacancy rates and rental yields, to get a good indication of how demand is stacking up to supply.

Country towns that are close to prominent regional centers, are much safer to invest in than say, regions that rely solely on tourism, which are seasonal and tend to come in and out of vogue.

Towns with a diverse economy and a range of different employers across different industries will ensure that people will have opportunities to find work in other industries and your property is more likely to stay tenanted.

Here at RealRenta, our property strategist partners can help you grow your portfolio with their expert advice and years of experience in the Australian residential property market.

The right property investment advice is essential, especially in a flat market.

Our partners will share their knowledge and help formulate a strategy tailored to your needs.

Get a tactical advantage and contact us @ propertysales@realrenta.com for more information.

Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 16 June 2020

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