There are new rent rules for Victorian tenants and landlords.

Whether you’re a renter or rental provider (the "official” new name for a landlord), there are a new set of rental rules that you should understand.

 In fact, there are over 130 changes to the legislation – too many to outline here, but I’ll try and provide a summary for you.

The new rental laws are now in effect and the changes to the law clarify the rights and responsibilities of renters and rental providers – from before you sign a rental agreement until after the agreement ends – and apply to all types of tenancies, private rentals, caravan, and residential parks, and rooming houses.

The law changes include:

  • a ban on rental bidding,
  • new rental minimum standards – this is a big one and will lead to some extra expense for almost all landlords in order for them to be able to certify there property meets the minimum standards.
  • no eviction without a reason,
  • allowable modifications by renters and
  • urgent repairs.

Rental rule changes in Victoria – the quick guide

The quick guide below provided by Consumer Affairs Vic covers some of the key changes, with links to handy guides that provide more information.

There are also changes relating to:

  • family violence
  • rooming houses
  • caravan parks
  • movable dwellings

You can read about these changes by viewing All changes to renting laws.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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