Enticing Renters through Digital Marketing

Property Investing, just like any business, benefits from a strategic digital marketing campaign.

Creating a digital marketing campaign for your investment property is easier than you think.

Here are a few RealRenta Tips to make sure that your properties reach a wide range of fresh new prospects in a very short amount of time:

• Be very clear about your brand. Is it high-end rentals or a family friendly dwelling?

• Make sure your images and written content reflect the demographic that you are trying to attract

• Use several different social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In & Snapchat etc

• Use tools like Google Analytics to help you find out what search terms people are using when looking for properties and then decide which ones you should use to attract more viewers

• Use keywords to help boost your ranking on Google, like "granite floors” or "marble benchtop”.

• Include photos of the local area as well, like cafes, parks or beaches as well as pictures of every room. Sell the "lifestyle’ not just the property.

• Use video content, blog posts and any articles of interest about the property and the area

• Update content regularly so that your brand is always being seen


 If you want to advertise your property on Realestate.com.au and some of Australia’s other most popular Real Estate sites.

 Use RealRenta for Free for up to 2 Months and you can advertise your property in a featured Ad (charges apply).

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Marlene Liontis
Sunday, 7 July 2019

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