Will your landlord insurance cover COVID-19?

Landlords are certainly feeling a lot of pressure due to the Corona Virus because many tenants are losing their jobs and are suddenly, unable to pay rent.


Most landlord insurance policies won’t be affected by the pandemic, however it pays to read the product disclosure statement for your specific policy.

Your basic landlord insurance should cover you in the event of:

·       Loss of rental income

·       Loss or damage to your building

·       Loss and damage to contents of the building (curtains, carpets, blinds, appliances etc)

·       Rent default

·       Absconding tenants

·       Tenants going through hardship

If your tenant suddenly is unable to pay rent, you should be able to claim under your policy’s standard rent default clause.

See our recent article: Landlord responsibilities to their tenants: https://www.realrenta.com.au/blog/post/696

How to defuse and emotional situation with a tenant:


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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 31 March 2020

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