RealRenta Audit Trail for Landlords

For landlords, an audit trail is invaluable.

Keeping clear records of rent payments, correspondence and other important information for each tenancy helps landlords demonstrate they are meeting their legal obligations.

In the case of disputes arising, your records may save the day.

Where do landlords start?

Even if you only have one investment property, every landlord needs to keep good business records and a file for each tenancy.

At a minimum, landlords need to keep clear records of the following:
•Rental Ledger
•Copy of the lease agreement
•Correspondence between you and your tenants
•Documents relating to Bond
•Maintenance records, requests and receipts
•Any other information relating to the property and the tenant

RealRenta automatically populates the rental ledger for each tenancy and also allows landlords to create other expense ledgers.

Also, each interaction with a tenant is date and time-stamped for audit purposes.

RealRenta enables landlords and tenants to upload documentation, agreements and photos as well as allowing tenants to lodge maintenance requests via the platform.

Find out why RealRenta is disrupting the Real Estate industry with our Self Management platform.

RealRenta is for Smart Investors, who
realise that they are no longer bound to traditional property management and the associated high fees.

UseRealRentanow and you will NEVER hand over your investment income to a Property Manager EVER AGAIN!

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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 1 May 2020

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