What Your Tenants Worry About

Rent Increases

Tenants worry a lot about unexpected rent increases. Tenants who commit to long term leases are in a better position to negotiate for fixed or lower rent. Landlords should always give tenants plenty of notice before rent reviews.

Both these strategies provide both the tenant and landlord financial security.

Homeless Pets

Landlords should also consider making their property pet-friendly. It can improve their investments’ profitability, by opening them up to a wider pool of prospective tenants.

Tenants can pay a pet-related bond for unexpected damages and some insurance policies, provide landlords with protection in the case of a pet damaging property.

Being Blacklisted

Tenants can be blacklisted for a variety of things, including breaching their lease agreement or continued arrears.

Losing Bond Money

Tenants who are conscientious and treat the property like it is their own home, are more likely to get their bond back. Generally, the bond is 4 weeks rent and can be a significant outlay for tenants.

Landlords and tenants should be aware that general wear and tear is not a reason to withhold bond money. Bond money can be retained, where there is significant wear and tear, or instances of unpaid rent.

Lease Cancellation/Renewal

Some tenants fear the possibility of not having their lease agreement renewed. In some instances, tenants may be told they are having the lease cancelled and that they must move within a very short time frame, which can be incredibly stressful.

Landlords should give tenants as much notice as possible if they intend to sell or develop the property. Likewise, tenants should indicate their preference to remain in the property, well ahead of the next lease renewal.


Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 9 January 2019

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