Property Investment lessons Part 6

Property investment is part science and part art.
you need to understand and interpret data (science) but you also need the ground perspective to employ that data (art.)

There are 4 ways you make money out of property:

· Capital growth,

· rental income,

· tax benefits and

· forced appreciation or manufactured capital growth through renovations or property development.

But these streams of income are not all equal. Tax-free capital growth is the most important.

Cash flow is important to keep you in the property game, but capital growth will get you out of the rat race. You will never get rich from earned income or savings.

You need your money working for you even when you’re asleep, so invest it in income-producing residential real estate and use the power of leverage, compounding, and time to grow your wealth.

Location will do around 80% of the heavy lifting of your property’s capital growth.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 26 January 2022

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