Handling Noisy Neighbour Complaints in Multi-Tenanted Properties

You should have a clause in your lease regarding noise violations and quiet hours for a multi tenanted residential property.

Noisy neighbours can be a tricky issue to deal with because the source may be beyond your control and the decibel of the noise, may only happen at certain times of the day, like late at night, which makes it very hard for you to monitor.


Here are some RealRenta tips for dealing with tenant complaints about noisy neighbours:

·        If the noise is from one of your tenants, determine if there is merit in the complaint. Is there an actual issue or is your tenant being sensitive?

·        Speak directly to the alleged culprit and see what their explanation is.

·        Speak to other tenants at the property and see if they have had the same experience.

·         Is the noise a one off thing or is it an ongoing issue?

·         Make the tenant aware that there is a noise complaint against them

·         If it is a first offense, let them off with a warning

·         Let the tenant who made the complaint know that you have addressed the issue

·         If the noise continues, let the tenant know that repeated offenses will make them subject to any penalties laid out in the lease (give them a copy of the lease as a reminder)

·        Make your tenants sign a "Quiet Hours” Policy as part of their lease agreement.

·        Depending on your policy and local laws, you may be able to fine the tenant a dollar amount for failing to comply with the agreement, or evict them for breaching their lease.

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Marlene Liontis
Monday, 19 August 2019

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