Pool Safety Certificates for Landlords & Body Corporates

When a property is leased to tenants, a Pool Safety Certificate is required to confirm that your pool fence complies with the Pool Safety Standards.

A copy of the certificate must be given to your tenants before they sign the lease.

Landlords risk fines if they sign a lease without having a Pool Safety Certificate.

An existing tenant cannot sign a lease renewal without a landlord first having a Pool Safety Certificate.

Pool Safety Laws also apply top Body Corporates and Community Title Schemes that have swimming pools.

It is necessary to arrange a pool safety inspection if:

·     One of the lot owners chooses to sell their unit

·     One of the lot owners enters into a rental agreement with a new or existing tenant

A lot owner a may not be able to settle a sale unit or rent out their unit without a Certificate of Compliance, without risking penalties/fines.

Compliance Certificates remain valid for 12 months for shared pools.

Ask your tenants to make all requests via the RealRenta platform, which dates and time-stamps every interaction.

Your tenant can upload photos and videos of any changes that they wish to undertake onto the platform and this information will form part of the tenancy file.

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Marlene Liontis
Friday, 31 January 2020

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