How pets can lower the value of your property

Pets can impact homes in several ways, especially in terms of cleanliness and smell.

If your property has pet hair everywhere, strong pet odour in the house, or pet waste in the yard, it can increase the selling time and reduce your property’s value.

It is now estimated, that between 20% to 30% of adults have a reaction to airborne allergens, such as pet dander.

The prevalence of other medical conditions like asthma, hay fever and other allergies, means that if you have a pet in your property, you are potentially shutting out a substantial segment of the market to your property.

Our agent friends tell us that some buyers specifically ask NOT to see properties where pets are resident (they may have a phobia) and some buyers will leave immediately, if they smell strong pet odours.

Conversely, many buyers do love pets and these buyers typically show greater tolerance.

Odour and pet hair are not the only problems though; yellow and dying grass can be a real turn off to potential buyers.

Chewed toys in yards and in the house and smelly litter boxes are also pet peeves (see what we did there ).

Also, when pets urinate in the house, the odour can linger for a very long time and pets can do tremendous damage to woodwork, when they scratch and chew.

Ideally, if your property is on the market, pets should be removed from the home or keep them confined to a small enclosure.

Clean any rugs or carpeting, as well as any air vents, before putting the property on the market and fix any obvious signs of damage caused by scratching and chewing.


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Marlene Liontis & Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 18 October 2018

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