Gift ideas for tenants- inspiring loyalty

Signs of appreciation go a long way in reducing vacancies and building a trusting landlord-tenant relationship.

Some of our landlords send their tenants a meat tray at Christmas whilst others send movie vouchers or supermarket vouchers.

You will be surprised at how giving a good tenant an appreciation gift can raise the value of your property.

Here are some other gift ideas from our landlords, to keep good tenants happy:

·        Offer professional cleaning services for the property (this is a win/win)

·        Provide a welcome package to new tenants

·        Subscribe to them a coffee or wine club

·        Buy gifts for their children at Christmas

·        Take money off next month’s rent

·        Give a gift that stays with the property ie upgrade an appliance or add outdoor furniture

·        Send restaurant vouchers on birthdays/key anniversaries

·        Provide them with a home repair/tool kit

·        Gift them with Fleece throws or blankets in winter

·        Offer to paint a room of their choosing

·        Hampers and meat tray never fail

·        Offer to hang pictures on the wall

·        Let your tenant select the flooring when redecorating

·        Potted plants and/or seedlings and a welcome mat


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Marlene Liontis
Thursday, 17 October 2019

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