How to evict your tenant for not paying rent – Tip 6

Police lockout

If the tenants still don’t move out you can apply for a Warrant of Possession.

This is where the Police and a locksmith with go to the property and physically kick the tenant out and change the locks.

This rarely happens.

To apply for a Warrant of Possession it’s a similar process to applying for a tribunal hearing.

You can apply online or manually fill out the form and send it to the tribunal.

VCAT does not process applications for Warrant of Possession until the possession date on the tribunal order has passed.

So when that date has passed make the application and pay the application fee.

VCAT will fax the order to the police and they will organise a time to go out there. It will be your responsibility to organise a locksmith.

This is the last step to getting your tenant out and should take about a week until you have your house back.

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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 14 September 2020

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